#100happydays: day 1

Have you noticed that March is like the Monday of every year? (in the Southern Hemisphere, that is to say).

March is usually a hectic month: kids go back to school, parents have a huge list of things to buy, some working adults are coming back from holidays, and the routine is coming back. Also, days become much shorter than a month ago. Sun is setting earlier every day, and it rises much later. Not to mention, the daily problems we face…

Anyways, to help avoid that, to deal better with my problems, and keep an optimistic attitude this year, I have decided to enroll myself on the #100happydays challenge.

In what it consists? Well, it’s practically about sharing in social media of your choice anything (in any format) that made you happy during 100 days, no matter how tough the day was. It can go from a good deed to a meetup with friend you wanted to see badly… or even eating your favourite food at the canteen because sometimes, we all need to remember little things which makes us or someone happy.

So, to start, I’ll share my first photo of something that made me happy today.

I went to have burgers with my friend Natalia at the (according to the Polish embassy in Chile’s Facebook page) hipster shopping centre Drugstore, in Providencia. Despite that it is the HIPSTER central of Santiago, I like going to its stores. There are many bookstores, cafés, restaurants, ice cream parlors, and hip design stores. Some of them are way too expensive, others are moderately price, anyways… we met up at La Resistencia (where they use eggs from “happy hens”) and had a really good chit-chat about our lives while moshing our burgers, chips, and drinking a good mint and ginger lemonade.

Did anyone say Hipsterburgers?