#100happydays days 10-15

Am I neglecting this challenge? Not so. Yet, this week was really tough in every way, but it’s a good thing that the following weeks will be much calmer and relaxed.

Day 10:

I had an awful stomach ache which affected me most of the week, yet the good thing about it was staying in my bed guilt-free for most of the day (despite not taking any sick day and still having to go to work).

Day 11:

This inspiring image appeared on my Facebook feed that day, and had to share it. With what is happening in Venezuela, Ukraine, and many other countries… it is only up to us to fight that rhethoric.

Day 12:

Hump day was a really fine day. Technology brings us closer every day, and this wasn’t the exception. What started with a personal rant turned out to be a reflection about my generation (twenty-something professionals who have just joined the workforce).

Day 13:

At Polish class, not only was I able to speak Polish for 20 minutes, but… I learned that I have “beer coloured eyes” (piwne oczy).

Day 14:

One of my friends posted this song on Facebook, and yes, I loved it.

Day 15:

Leftover Pizza for Tea 🙂