#100happydays days 20 – 23

Day 20:

Half-day off 😀 . Just that.

Day 21:

I went on a special barbecue with my coworkers. Despite that it was too warm, I had fun simply talking with other colleagues about nonsense.

Day 22:

My cousin has just started working and he invited for lunch to celebrate his first month at his job. We went to Uncle Fletch’s, and it’s probably among the best burgers in Santiago because: they offer Belgian beers, burgers are great, and you can choose between having polenta sticks, chips or sweet potato crisps.

Day 23:

Did I mention I now understand the meaning behind “siesta” (nap time in Spanish)? These past days haven’t been like proper autumn, and it’s been too warm. So, the heat makes me want to take a nap in the afternoon.