#100happydays days 24-31

This past week was really hectic as I didn’t have much time because of many interesting things 🙂

Day 24:

Ok,  I admit. I like Gepe’s songs. They aren’t that bad, you know 😉

Day 25:

Sushi day with colleagues!!! With some colleagues from work, we often have a sushi day near payday 🙂

Day 26:

Meetings, meetings, and more meetings. I have serious yet exciting projects at work that I am hoping to making them come true, and truly leave my trace at the institution I work for.   😀

Day 27:

I was watching the morning news while getting ready for work and they said we could spot Venus… besides spotting it on my commute, I remembered this song which was popular on a soap opera I used to watch while growing up.

Day 28:

This day was really long! I had to work for practically the whole day as there was a ceremony at work. I did manage to have fun after all ;). My mum baked a cake I took for tea time, and after work was over and looking for someone to drop me off at home, a colleague offered me a ride, not without going first to “El Tío Manolo”, a fast food joint in which I had a delicious As (no, it’s not what you are thinking… it’s actually steak in a hot dog bun with the same fillings you may find in Chilean hot dogs… I had an Italian one -tomato, avocado, and mayo-).

Day 29:

Aaaand I WENT TO LOLLAPALOOZA!!! 😀 It was a good experience despite the big amount of wankers who sometimes annoyed me. That day I saw Capital Cities, Imagine Dragons, Ellie Goulding and Phoenix. I was really surprised with Imagine Dragons and Phoenix.

Phoenix 😀

Day 30:

Final day of Lollapalooza. I saw Portugal. The Man, Julian Casablancas (who was a total fiasco), Vampire Weekend, Lorde, Jovanotti and part of Arcade Fire. My favourites were, by far, Lorde and Jovanotti. With the latter, I screamed and jumped like if I was a kid because… he’s part of my childhood soundtrack!

Io penso positivo perché son vivo, perché son vivo!

Io penso positivo perché son vivo, perché son vivo! (NO FILTER :P)

Day 31:

I had today off 😛 Working hard does pay off. Besides that autumn season officially started, it was a busy day. I basically ran errands: new passport and ID card, doctor’s appointment, et al. I still managed to rest (and a lot) and I am ready for April.

I took this photo on my way home. I love mosaics and I like Turkish culture (which has become popular in Chile due to the series “1001 nights”), so I can only hope that it spreads even more. Found this one at Alcántara Metro station.

İstanbul :D

İstanbul 😀