#100happydays: days 4-8

So, most of this week I got home either late or tired enough to write blog entries, but I never forgot that the 100 happy days challenge was still on, and, despite bad days, there are still good things happening in my life.

Day 4:

No actual picture, but I got to share a really beautiful moment with two good friends from High School (practically, the only people from there with whom I keep a regular contact). After a tough day, sometimes what you need is a good conversation, sweets, and care from your loved ones.

Day 5:



You may accuse me of cheating… but, there’s more to that! One of the friends I met on Tuesday is getting married next month, and I’ve got an invitation to her big day. Her fiancé and she are great travelers and they made their wedding invitations in form of an old school plane ticket 🙂 I can’t wait to witness their big day and have loads of fun with them (and I feel extremely flattered that I am invited).

Day 6:

Ok, she’s not exactly what I often listen to, but I like this song by Ellie Goulding a lot.

Day 7:

After yet another tough day at work, the weekend started! 🙂 And it was my brother’s girlfriend’s birthday celebration/impreza/borrel (I like being multilingual). Plenty of delicious snacks, assorted drinks, and nice conversations. Sadly, another day in which I forgot to take pictures that symbolized the event.

Day 8:



MY SISTER AND I ARE GOING TO LOLLAPALOOZA! It’ll be my first time going to such festival, and this year seems like a really good one (last years I didn’t go because of money, being out of the country and work) 🙂 The only problem would be splitting myself up to see all the bands and musicians I like, so I guess it’ll be time to sacrifice some.