#100happydays: days 46 – 49

Back on track, finally 😀

Day 46:

I like this song from Jake Bugg a lot.

Day 47:

Happiness is… finding things you might have forgotten, like my favourite stationery items on my drawers.

Day 48:

I am a foodie and I like to cook a lot. So, out of the blue, I decided to finally learn how to cook US-style pancakes because I missed them so much (I only have them during holidays abroad). Thus, it was my motivation to do some for my sister and I. I used a recipe from Nigella Lawson‘s website which was really straight-forward and easy to cook. This was the result (mind you, the syrup drop was just for decoration purposes… it got bigger 😉 ).

And with actual Pancake syrup :D

And with actual Pancake syrup 😀


Day 49:

I love lie-in days. It was just one of those days I stayed around home and cleaned out closets and drawers, updated my music players and film collections (and caught up with series/films) as it is a religious holiday.