#100happydays: days 53-56

Day 53

I celebrated Earth day by bringing a mint plant to my workplace. I love Mint tea (a basic staple of my journey in the Netherlands) and I felt like my workplace could use some green 🙂 I take care mostly of it.

Day 53:

I had a Doctor’s appointment and after that, I took a long walk around my favourite district. I forgot to take pictures, but the walk was really needed and I enjoyed it.

Day 54:

Na zdrowie!

I had Polish class that day, and after that… a well-deserved shot of Raspberry Vodka was needed. Because spirits are also part of the culture, thus language 😉

Day 56:

Musical Friday is on with Norwegian band, Kakkmaddafakka 😀

Btw, I have joined a Photo contest on Facebook. You can vote for my photo by clicking “like” on the photo from this link 🙂