#100happydays days 59 – 63

day 59:

It was a tough day. Mainly it was about closing certain stages in life, yet keeping up good spirits as always. One of my colleagues got transferred to another department and gave me a really nice good-bye present (a beautiful and stylish scarf). Despite her new office is just at the other part of my workplace, not having her around will be a pity.

day 60:

One of my motivational songs at work, by Talisco 😀

day 61:

Last days of the month means… sushi day at work!!! 😀 These ones are made by a really good acquaintance. They are top notch and highly recommended.

day 62:


Finally, my dear month of May started 😀 which also means, it’s my grandfather’s birthday. He is now 85 years old, and still strong 🙂 We baked some bread and fried some roscas for tea time.

day 63:

It’s long weekend here so I got the day off today and prepared to have a night in with 3 things: Belgian beer, crisps and yoghurt sauce to dip in. It’s going to be a relaxing night.