#100happydays: days 73 – 79

day 73:

Friends really do know how to pull out a smile for you on tough days 🙂

day 74:

Another of those songs worth checking out (MØ feat Diplo – XXX 88)

day 75:

Doing benchmarking for work at the Precolumbine Museum.

day 76:

Got these two big fellows on the mail 🙂

day 77:

Polish evening, finally! We cooked placki ziemniaczane z sosem grzybowym (Potato pancakes with mushroom sauce) which turned out to be delicious.

day 78:

Sopaipillas (fried pumpkin bread) for tea at my grandparents’ 😀

day 79

I saw this quote on Facebook, and I found ir really reflects the moment in which I am right now. Life has taught me this, and to live without regretting (but learning from mistakes, that is 😉 ).