#100happydays: days 86 – 93

day 86


I had to work on that day due to Cultural Heritage Day in Chile (all museums and cultural places are open for free in Chile). It was exhausting due to the cold yet rewarding for things such as this one 🙂

day 87

Got the day off 😀 and best of all… my sister passed her thesis and she became officially a teacher 🙂 And that deserved a small celebration:


day 88:

I TURNED 28. As my good friend Natalia says, I am the age I mentally represent (according to her). Starting with a good cake to wake up, then a big surprise at work (breakfast, sushi day and afternoon off), and finally Polish lessons. It was an overall good day.


day 89:

Good day workwise 🙂 Managed to turn in some papers that will see their fruits soon.

day 90:

I filed some papers to ask for Wednesday off, and they were approved. I am taking that particular day because my older brother is staying for a few weeks with us to drop off some of his things from the Netherlands.

day 91:


This ad from a restaurant near work always makes me laugh… are they aware of what “ass” means?

day 92:


First time in years I did a family+friends celebration, inviting my friends K and J to my family sphere 🙂

day 93:

Lazy pyjama day 🙂