#100happydays days 24-31

This past week was really hectic as I didn’t have much time because of many interesting things 🙂

Day 24:

Ok,  I admit. I like Gepe’s songs. They aren’t that bad, you know 😉

Day 25:

Sushi day with colleagues!!! With some colleagues from work, we often have a sushi day near payday 🙂

Day 26:

Meetings, meetings, and more meetings. I have serious yet exciting projects at work that I am hoping to making them come true, and truly leave my trace at the institution I work for.   😀

Day 27:

I was watching the morning news while getting ready for work and they said we could spot Venus… besides spotting it on my commute, I remembered this song which was popular on a soap opera I used to watch while growing up.

Day 28:

This day was really long! I had to work for practically the whole day as there was a ceremony at work. I did manage to have fun after all ;). My mum baked a cake I took for tea time, and after work was over and looking for someone to drop me off at home, a colleague offered me a ride, not without going first to “El Tío Manolo”, a fast food joint in which I had a delicious As (no, it’s not what you are thinking… it’s actually steak in a hot dog bun with the same fillings you may find in Chilean hot dogs… I had an Italian one -tomato, avocado, and mayo-).

Day 29:

Aaaand I WENT TO LOLLAPALOOZA!!! 😀 It was a good experience despite the big amount of wankers who sometimes annoyed me. That day I saw Capital Cities, Imagine Dragons, Ellie Goulding and Phoenix. I was really surprised with Imagine Dragons and Phoenix.

Phoenix 😀

Day 30:

Final day of Lollapalooza. I saw Portugal. The Man, Julian Casablancas (who was a total fiasco), Vampire Weekend, Lorde, Jovanotti and part of Arcade Fire. My favourites were, by far, Lorde and Jovanotti. With the latter, I screamed and jumped like if I was a kid because… he’s part of my childhood soundtrack!

Io penso positivo perché son vivo, perché son vivo!
Io penso positivo perché son vivo, perché son vivo! (NO FILTER :P)

Day 31:

I had today off 😛 Working hard does pay off. Besides that autumn season officially started, it was a busy day. I basically ran errands: new passport and ID card, doctor’s appointment, et al. I still managed to rest (and a lot) and I am ready for April.

I took this photo on my way home. I love mosaics and I like Turkish culture (which has become popular in Chile due to the series “1001 nights”), so I can only hope that it spreads even more. Found this one at Alcántara Metro station.

İstanbul :D
İstanbul 😀

#100happydays days 20 – 23

Day 20:

Half-day off 😀 . Just that.

Day 21:

I went on a special barbecue with my coworkers. Despite that it was too warm, I had fun simply talking with other colleagues about nonsense.

Day 22:

My cousin has just started working and he invited for lunch to celebrate his first month at his job. We went to Uncle Fletch’s, and it’s probably among the best burgers in Santiago because: they offer Belgian beers, burgers are great, and you can choose between having polenta sticks, chips or sweet potato crisps.

Day 23:

Did I mention I now understand the meaning behind “siesta” (nap time in Spanish)? These past days haven’t been like proper autumn, and it’s been too warm. So, the heat makes me want to take a nap in the afternoon.

#100happydays: day 19

I think it’s always fair to recognize and acknowledge good things.

So, today I was listening to the radio station I often listen when I am at work, and there was a catchy and good song playing. As I didn’t know the band, I looked it up using Shazam and… I was shocked to know they were Chileans. Ok, what’s so special about it? They sang in English, which is something really uncommon for Chilean musicians, who tend to perform mainly in Spanish (and not to mention, annoying latin pop ballads).

So, here is the video for “Save the bullets” by We are the Grand. I will most likely to catch them during Lollapalooza this year.

#100happydays: day 18

After Polish class, I stopped for a while near the Metro station on my way home, and took this photo of a Church nearby. Autumn is coming and I like it (especially because it is better to wear work-friendly clothes with milder temperatures).

Kocham moje miasto ;)
Kocham moje miasto 😉

#100happydays: day 17

See, I finally managed to update in a weekday 🙂

I met my longtime friend Nury after work at Bombón Oriental, a small café in downtown Santiago, where we had some Turkish coffee and baklava. No Turkish delight for us, but we did have a nice chat about our hopes and dreams 🙂

#100happydays days 10-15

Am I neglecting this challenge? Not so. Yet, this week was really tough in every way, but it’s a good thing that the following weeks will be much calmer and relaxed.

Day 10:

I had an awful stomach ache which affected me most of the week, yet the good thing about it was staying in my bed guilt-free for most of the day (despite not taking any sick day and still having to go to work).

Day 11:

This inspiring image appeared on my Facebook feed that day, and had to share it. With what is happening in Venezuela, Ukraine, and many other countries… it is only up to us to fight that rhethoric.

Day 12:

Hump day was a really fine day. Technology brings us closer every day, and this wasn’t the exception. What started with a personal rant turned out to be a reflection about my generation (twenty-something professionals who have just joined the workforce).

Day 13:

At Polish class, not only was I able to speak Polish for 20 minutes, but… I learned that I have “beer coloured eyes” (piwne oczy).

Day 14:

One of my friends posted this song on Facebook, and yes, I loved it.

Day 15:

Leftover Pizza for Tea 🙂

#100happydays: day 9

I love to sleep
I love to sleep

And yeah, this was a day to rest, sleep until late, and do everything with relatively calmness.

#100happydays: days 4-8

So, most of this week I got home either late or tired enough to write blog entries, but I never forgot that the 100 happy days challenge was still on, and, despite bad days, there are still good things happening in my life.

Day 4:

No actual picture, but I got to share a really beautiful moment with two good friends from High School (practically, the only people from there with whom I keep a regular contact). After a tough day, sometimes what you need is a good conversation, sweets, and care from your loved ones.

Day 5:


You may accuse me of cheating… but, there’s more to that! One of the friends I met on Tuesday is getting married next month, and I’ve got an invitation to her big day. Her fiancé and she are great travelers and they made their wedding invitations in form of an old school plane ticket 🙂 I can’t wait to witness their big day and have loads of fun with them (and I feel extremely flattered that I am invited).

Day 6:

Ok, she’s not exactly what I often listen to, but I like this song by Ellie Goulding a lot.

Day 7:

After yet another tough day at work, the weekend started! 🙂 And it was my brother’s girlfriend’s birthday celebration/impreza/borrel (I like being multilingual). Plenty of delicious snacks, assorted drinks, and nice conversations. Sadly, another day in which I forgot to take pictures that symbolized the event.

Day 8:


MY SISTER AND I ARE GOING TO LOLLAPALOOZA! It’ll be my first time going to such festival, and this year seems like a really good one (last years I didn’t go because of money, being out of the country and work) 🙂 The only problem would be splitting myself up to see all the bands and musicians I like, so I guess it’ll be time to sacrifice some.

#100happydays: day 3

Keeping up with this challenge, here is why I am happy today:

Early?? Bring it on!
Early?? Bring it on!

Today at work, we were announced that from tomorrow, we’ll start working 30 minutes earlier which means, as well, we will call it a day 30 minutes earlier (even though I already start and finish work earlier than most Chilean workplaces). Yes, people were complaining, but for me, it works great. I am more productive during daytime, and that means I can slack off the afternoon with no guilt. Plus, my Polish classes will begin earlier :). Also, during Winter, I will be very glad to come back home at least when the Sun officially sets.
The only let down would be having to go to bed early (and waking up earlier than usual), but that is what DVR’s and alarm clocks are for!