#100happydays: day 58

It was the first day with Winter time and I woke up at an extremely early hour for a Sunday, but that meant having more time to enjoy, rest, and do what I really want to do. So yeah, early bird does get the worm.

#100happydays: day 57

Om nom nom!
Om nom nom!

Today was one of the days I like… to do nothing. It was cloudy, grey, and cold… yet I did go out :). I went with my sister to an activity of her job and later, we went out for burgers at El Corral, a burger joint from Colombia. Probably one of the best ones in mall food courts (and if you’re curious… yes, I did have the 340g burger).

#100happydays: days 53-56

Day 53

I celebrated Earth day by bringing a mint plant to my workplace. I love Mint tea (a basic staple of my journey in the Netherlands) and I felt like my workplace could use some green 🙂 I take care mostly of it.

Day 53:

I had a Doctor’s appointment and after that, I took a long walk around my favourite district. I forgot to take pictures, but the walk was really needed and I enjoyed it.

Day 54:

Na zdrowie!

I had Polish class that day, and after that… a well-deserved shot of Raspberry Vodka was needed. Because spirits are also part of the culture, thus language 😉

Day 56:

Musical Friday is on with Norwegian band, Kakkmaddafakka 😀

Btw, I have joined a Photo contest on Facebook. You can vote for my photo by clicking “like” on the photo from this link 🙂

#100happydays: day 52

Day 52:

So, most of the days have become harder to pick out a special thing that happened during the day. But I’ve decided to share something I found at a Facebook page called European Observatory for Plurilingualism.


Ok, I must make a confession. I have giggled at someone’s broken language-I-know, and probably because of innuendo or something like that. Yet, I must say, I shouldn’t do that. I do have a strong accent while speaking English.

I found this quote inspiring because it can teach many people to not give up with language learning. Sure, sometimes having that perfect accent from the media is hard (not impossible though), but if you are understood and everything you say does make sense, feel confident about it, then.  And if it’s not this language, try another one which suits you best 🙂 .

#100happydays: days 50 – 51

Day 50:
It’s the hump day for this challenge, so I decided to try an alternative way to post for this blog (i.e. through my iPad)

I went to my grandparents’ and had the typical: food-sleep-food on repeat. I had empanadas for lunch and went to the small garden and took pictures of the small (yet spicy) rocoto pepper plant there. They are delicious, I must say.


Day 51:

The Easter bunny came in rather late and had my delicious Dulce de leche-filled eggs and a quiet afternoon with an ebook and a big cup of tea. That is life.


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#100happydays: days 46 – 49

Back on track, finally 😀

Day 46:

I like this song from Jake Bugg a lot.

Day 47:

Happiness is… finding things you might have forgotten, like my favourite stationery items on my drawers.

Day 48:

I am a foodie and I like to cook a lot. So, out of the blue, I decided to finally learn how to cook US-style pancakes because I missed them so much (I only have them during holidays abroad). Thus, it was my motivation to do some for my sister and I. I used a recipe from Nigella Lawson‘s website which was really straight-forward and easy to cook. This was the result (mind you, the syrup drop was just for decoration purposes… it got bigger 😉 ).

And with actual Pancake syrup :D
And with actual Pancake syrup 😀


Day 49:

I love lie-in days. It was just one of those days I stayed around home and cleaned out closets and drawers, updated my music players and film collections (and caught up with series/films) as it is a religious holiday.

#100happydays: day 45

Day 45

More good news on my way:

  1. I revamped part of my desk and brought more motivating objects 🙂

    Dog and cats :)
    Dog and cats 🙂
  2. I went to (yet another’s) doctor’s appointment, and this was the number I got in order to pay for it.
    Despite being a “bad” sign, it went well :D.

#100happydays: days 42 – 44

Day 42:

It was a really exhausting day, as I am doing my yearly health check up and I started with the ophthalmologist. My eyes were really fine and my shortsight is under control 🙂 . However, the moment I put my head on my pillow, I fell asleep.

Day 43:

My friend Daniela got married! It was a really touching ceremony, with lots of special meanings for people who knew the couple well. I was seated with my other high school friend, Nacha, and we shared a nice moment which was sealed with this selfie.

Day 44:

Sunday was truly a day of rest. Laying in bed for most of the day, catching up with series (and music) and the Andes mountains.


#100happydays: day 41

Another image that made me happy today: dulce de leche-filled easter eggs. My childhood dream come true (ok, they could have been made with dark chocolate

#100happydays: day 40

Besides having to wake up later than usual (due to picking up my new passport and ID card), I was visiting AjamMC, a site about Perso-Iranian high & low culture and I ran into this grafitti by Kaboos, in Mashhad, Iran.