#100happydays: days 83 – 85

We’re on the last leg of these happy days 😀

day 83:

Another Chilean song on my head, by Gepe.

day 84:

While practicing my Polish by listening to Radio, I discovered this programme which plays music from all over the world (and they really mean it). An excellent discovery for someone looking forward to feel the world 😉

day 85:

Don’t know if the quote is an accurate translation, but here it goes:

#100happydays: days 80 – 82

day 80:

Saw this photo on Facebook. I love owls too much, in my opinion.

day 81:

Met my friends Koté and Jaime for dinner (sandwiches, beer and tea) and caught up with each other’s lives 🙂

day 82:

Rainy days off are meant to be pyjama day 😉

#100happydays: days 73 – 79

day 73:

Friends really do know how to pull out a smile for you on tough days 🙂

day 74:

Another of those songs worth checking out (MØ feat Diplo – XXX 88)

day 75:

Doing benchmarking for work at the Precolumbine Museum.

day 76:

Got these two big fellows on the mail 🙂

day 77:

Polish evening, finally! We cooked placki ziemniaczane z sosem grzybowym (Potato pancakes with mushroom sauce) which turned out to be delicious.

day 78:

Sopaipillas (fried pumpkin bread) for tea at my grandparents’ 😀

day 79

I saw this quote on Facebook, and I found ir really reflects the moment in which I am right now. Life has taught me this, and to live without regretting (but learning from mistakes, that is 😉 ).

#100happydays: day 72

#100happydays: day 72

Did some DIY with an old corkboard with my favourite tape 🙂 . I sort-of renovated the postcards I have there. All of them remind me of how many places there are to see in this world.

#100happydays: days 66-71

Very hectic days at work, but they don’t stop me from having a good time.

day 66:

Say what you want, but this song from Zooey Deschanel really brings my spirits up.

day 67:

This Peep Show quote is really good 🙂

day 68:


During my way back home, a woman complimented on my shoes on a metro elevator. I love them too.

day 69:

Between work, Polish lessons and other duties, I signed myself up for online classes on Coursera. This one is about Spanish language and style.

day 70:


This may sound like an advert, but when things are good, you have to recognise them. There is an Australian company called Origrami who prints your Instagram photos for affordable prices and comes in beautiful layouts and containers. I recommend it 100%.

day 71:


I love random shopping sprees, and this was no exception. I got a nice coat and a pair of Chuck Taylors I’ve been looking for a while.

#100happydays: days 64 – 65

day 64:

I finally made my mind up and decided to watch a film. I went for The Lego Movie and it was a wise choice. I am still stuck with the title song (Everything is awesome!)

day 65:

Happiness is…

#100happydays days 59 – 63

day 59:

It was a tough day. Mainly it was about closing certain stages in life, yet keeping up good spirits as always. One of my colleagues got transferred to another department and gave me a really nice good-bye present (a beautiful and stylish scarf). Despite her new office is just at the other part of my workplace, not having her around will be a pity.

day 60:

One of my motivational songs at work, by Talisco 😀

day 61:

Last days of the month means… sushi day at work!!! 😀 These ones are made by a really good acquaintance. They are top notch and highly recommended.

day 62:


Finally, my dear month of May started 😀 which also means, it’s my grandfather’s birthday. He is now 85 years old, and still strong 🙂 We baked some bread and fried some roscas for tea time.

day 63:

It’s long weekend here so I got the day off today and prepared to have a night in with 3 things: Belgian beer, crisps and yoghurt sauce to dip in. It’s going to be a relaxing night.