30 cities challenge #1: The one you had always dreamt of visiting

I came across this blog challenge (in Spanish) which asks you to create 30 posts about cities you have visited and with different topics. I translated it and decided to take a chance on it.

So, #1 is

The city of your dreams.  Your ideal city. That city, town, village or geographical place you have always kept in high spirits.


I must say my relationship with Germany is weird. People in Chile look up to Germany more for its past than for its present, so they tend to have a rather old-fashioned view of Germany (yes, it is related to those times), thus when I learned German, it was uncomfortable to bear all of those comments of Germany that probably a German would feel ashamed of. Yet, I decided last year to go to Berlin, finally. I became reenchanted with Germany because of its current situation. Sure, it is very interesting to see all of those places I used to read on my books by myself, but people were overall nice and open-minded. It is one of those places that really knows how to apply the laissez-faire concept. Yeah, I sometimes came across weird people near the U-Bahn (hard drug sellers, that is), but overall I felt safer than in my own city. Berlin has a lot of highlights: the quirky, design shops; thrift shops (I was about to buy some old vinyls of Czech music); Mauerpark; the Ku’damm; the Island of Museums; the ethnic supermarkets/cafés, monuments and, of course, the neighbourhood in which I stayed, Mitte. Sure, it wasn’t where the cool kids stayed (Kreuzberg or Neukölln), but waking up or having dinner next to this view was…



 I still cherish really good memories of my journey there.