30 cities challenge #10: The one you had an unforgettable experience

You do not care if you liked this city or not, but you will never forget it because something happened.


Now, you will wonder why I chose it. Easy… I visited a beautiful city, rich in history (the shipyards, the Solidarity movement and many Interwar or WWII places) in the perfect instance to visit it (summer was about to end, so the weather was really suitable to do sightseeing) and, of course, I had great company with Asia and her family who kindly hosted me during my stay there. Plus, the best part was getting to ride a Ferris Wheel! I had only done it once, when I was younger, and the ferris wheel itself was quite small. But this one had a great view to Motlawa river and the area. Honestly, I still think about that time every day as I managed to learn a lot about Polish culture in different ways (food, drinks, films, music, architecture, et al.)

Next to the Motlawa river :)

Next to the Motlawa river 🙂