30 cities challenge #11: The one you would to visit with a loved one

You have to see (or go back to) this place with your other half, your partner or significant other who is already in your life or will eventually arrive.

Again, most people will wonder about my decision, but you’ll see:


In the past years, I have been very intrigued with Tbilisi. After all the events there, Georgia has become more open to the world and wanting to show their interesting culture. I once tried Georgian food and I must say I am determined to visit that country. Their food was tasty, savoury, spicy and such. Then, I started following blogs or travel posts on Georgia and I became even more interested because of their architecture and the relation with their native culture (Georgian music is really beautiful). I would love that my other half shares my passion for understanding and immersing into other cultures, specially least popular ones and share beautiful experiences (culinary experiences, for example) and landscapes.

Someday, someday... (source: Wikimedia)

Someday, someday… (source: Wikimedia)

I really want to try everything at this table! (source: GeorgiaAbout.com)

I really want to try everything at this table! (source: GeorgiaAbout.com)



    • Síii, quiero primero hacer la salsa picante de tomate, ají y pimentones para luego hacer khachapuri.

  1. So far, great collection of cities! May I suggest Berlin in there? Just got back, and is truly the most unique city I’ve ever been to. Check out my most recent post and you’ll understand why 🙂

    • Sure, I have already been to Berlin and it was a great city (It was even featured as the first city on this challenge… specially because it was about breaking stereotypes people have here about German culture). Thanks for your comment!

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