30 cities challenge #2: The one you would like to live in

Despite you may not dream with it, you know that in that city, town, village or geographical place is the one you would like to live in, whether for its people, climate, landscape or lifestyle.

By far (and that should not come as a surprise to those who know me)


Now, why Kraków?

French language has a beautiful word to describe “a romantic crush”, coup de cœur. More or less, that happened to me before going to Kraków. I knew beforehand that I was going to love that city despite I had previously never been to it. Sure, the pace of the city is much slower than I am used to it in Santiago, but… there is so much to love about Kraków. Beautiful old buildings everywhere (in different states of condition, that is 😉 ), sitting down Planty park and simple people-watch, the parks next to the Vistula, the neighbourhoods and its differences and of course… (I feel so bad about saying it as I wasn’t born or brought up in Kraków), my neighbourhood of Kazimierz, the old Jewish part of the city. Tons of interesting bars, places to eat, old buildings and cultural places… not to mention Urban art. This graffiti always cheered me up and made me feel happy, blessed and thanked to have the chance of being in Kraków:

Yeah, I get like that over there.

Yeah, I get like that over there.

Not to mention that several friends and acquaintances live over there, so I am bound to always have a good time in Kraków.
I must say that no city is 100% perfect, but with all of its details and imperfections, I love Kraków and if I ever have the chance to settle down there, I would do it without hesitating.