30 cities challenge #4: The one you did not have enough time to see properly

You spent so little time in that place and you got hooked on it. The very few you saw tells you, you have to go back.

I had a hard time thinking about this one, but…


Many people who know me well know that I have really low tolerance to hot weather and it annoys me to feel uncomfortable in a place with such temperatures. However, Havana cautivated me a lot. Sure, people may criticise it for a lot of things, but… buildings have lovely façades, not to mention the different parks, monuments and such. There is still so much to see there! Not to mention, that I have yet to try proper Cuban food. I highly doubt I will come back in the near future, but I would love to go there later in life. Plus, it is one of those places you often read or hear a lot on the media, but I would dare to say most of those opinions are highly biased. It is a place you have to see for yourself!

¡Ya regresaré!

¡Ya regresaré!