30 cities challenge #5: The one that turned out to be a nice surprise

You did not expect much out of this place, but you loved it.

That city should be, by far:


Truth to be told, I didn’t know what Gent was until a few years ago. My friend moved there for a while and she invited me to stay at her home and use it as my base of operations in Belgium. After a long journey, I arrived there and I was amazed by the environment of that city. It is truly a student city. Many young people live there and you can see the trains full of youngsters during the weekend with suitcases or backpacks. The only problem with the city was taking a tram to go downtown, but even with that, it is still an amazing town, with beautiful architecture (the Starbucks at the train station there is beautiful!) and charming people (not to mention beer! food! neuzen!). I still remember getting myself lost in the town and finding a comic book store out of nowhere and then chatting with the owner.

Gent at night!