30 cities challenge #6: The one that is overrated

Many people love or dream visiting this place, but honestly, it is not quite special for you.


Sure, DC has great and free museums and lots of architectural landmarks, but that city/area lacks a lot of things which has made found it overrated.

ACTUAL photo taken outside the US Capitol in a winter day.

First of all, no decent public transportations. Sure, the DC Metro is rather quiet, clean and good as long as you live close to it. Out of that area, it’s all about driving a car to get to one place to another. I still remember the bus that stopped near my house only passed through from 6 to 8am and then, to 3 to 5pm. No chance about going out in the town for drinks without worrying about going back home safe (taxis only exist in some areas and drinking and driving is always a no-no, kids!). The weather in summer is AWFUL. Temperatures over +40ºC in summer, high humidity and bugs make you overly dependent on Air Conditioning (which is almost a right in the US, but if there’s a power cut… you are screwed! 🙁 ) or wanting to move anywhere up from New York. Those little things make a city even better (Santiago may have horrible weather in summer, but at least metro/buses/taxis can get you anywhere at any hour… and there are always small shops within walking distance). Despite I met great people there, I wouldn’t choose to live there again, or if I were to visit it, it’d be only for a small pit stop to meet people I care about and then leave.