30 cities challenge #7: The one that let you down

You really wanted to see that place, but once you were there, you found out that you did not like it.

This one was rather a no-brainer:


Sure, it is probably the capital of Europe right now, but there is not much to see and a major letdown. I expected to see a lot of urban art (due to the comic book themed walls all over the city) and be friendlier (after the excellent experiences in other Belgian cities), but people were not quite friendly, to say the least. The city itself was rather dirty and not well kept, being the only “clean place”, the Grand Place. It was really hard to look for a good place to eat. Yet, what shocked me the most was seeing fights at the metro stations. On a Saturday afternoon. At least, I was safe, but I found it awkward to see a bunch of people fighting and not seeing a guard or policeman trying to stop the fight. And if you ever thought the King’s residence was going to be luxurious and such, it’s not.

Even Van Gogh photobombed my photo of the Tintin wall in Brussels 🙁