30 cities challenge #8: The one you can survive 5 days with 25€ or less

You are stuck in this city with barely 25€ in your pockets and a non-reimbursable return ticket in 5 days. Maybe if you were in that place, it wouldn’t be that bad.

Is that even possible?
First of all, I would need a place in which I could walk everywhere, then finding a place to stay (I would have to use Couchsurfing) near almost everything, with many free activities, so that my only expenses would be food. So, my choice is:


I have yet to visit it, but as a Historian, it’ll be quite interesting to visit it due to its recent history. According to this site, my budget wouldn’t suffer with it. Plus, food seems quite nice (Balkan and Mediterranean food is always bound to be tasty), so what else can I do? Maybe it is time to start saving money and visit it as soon as I can.

Cannot wait to visit it! (Source BBC.co.uk)