30 cities challenge #9: The one you would like to seen on a TV series

All TV series tend to happen in New York, Los Angeles, Santiago, Buenos Aires, London, et al. This is a place you haven’t seen portrayed, but you would love to watch a show based in that place.

I had a hard time thinking about it, but I am going for


Now, what is so special about it? It’s a resort town in Belgium which weather isn’t what you’d think of one. It is quite cold and cloudy over there, but it could be a great place to set a show on because of being a resort town. However, it would have to be one of those really strong dramas (somewhat telenovelesque, but without being extremely cheesy, tacky or anything like that: just the right amount of suspense, romance and some comedy relief as I expect the series to be quite intense). Probably, it would be a good idea to set it around a certain crime and how there is a powerful family trying to cover things up. Somewhat like a mix of Wallander and What is Fatmagül’s fault? would be a perfect choice for a series set in Oostende. Besides that, there are nice bars, cafés and restaurants.

So Belgian TV, what are you waiting for? (I’d expect royalties though)