Back from holidays…

This past month I was on holidays. I went back to the country I learned to love and practice its language, met new people, a new country and the most important thing… I grew up some more.

First part of the trip was the Tricity area in Poland: 3 different cities joined by a common geographical location. I will always remember my evenings filled with food, beer and old Polish films. And, yes, THAT night too. Then, I moved on to my second hometown: Kraków (not without mentioning the moment at the train in which I joined a conversation held mostly in Russian and Polish with people I’ll probably never see again). I stayed in a beautiful, old kamienica in the old Jewish district. So close to everything I feel close: cafés, bars, old buildings, graffiti/urban art, among other things. After that, my brother joined me for Warsaw, the city trapped between modernity and tradition, but not in a tacky way like in Santiago. Having dipped my toes into the sand in the city beach was one of the highlights. In the end, we went to Berlin: the vibrant city of Germany with its many, different districts.

All of these experiences made me took important decisions in my life: learn more Polish, cutting some problematic relationships in my life, focus on my closest goals in life and… going back to writing fiction. Yes, I am writing a novel. No, I cannot say many details about it in public, but it is making me happy for some time.