The time after holidays is bound to be a crisis. You feel awkward about everything and start to rethink about your life and routine. You start looking at your life from a distance and try to bring your holidays to your daily life.

Not all crisis are bad, sometimes they are for the best. After doing some minor adjustments, I decided to make some changes in my daily life, so I do not feel down like the first weeks after my holidays.

The first was including new (and easy) food I tried on my daily routine. Instead of the average chocolate biscuit(s) I would have at midday, I now eat one big rice cake with hummus (so hipster, I know… but I enjoy it and finding out it’s a healthier choice than the many biscuits I would have in one day, it seems I am going the right way).

Second change in my persona was: BE MORE CREATIVE. Besides the novel I am currently writing (in which I take any moment off I can to write it), I also want to start taking (more) photos. With a friend, we’ve organized a photo outing for 2 weeks from now (taking advantage of the nicer weather in Santiago) which will be fun.

Third change: SURROUND YOURSELF WITH A CREATIVE ENVIRONMENT, and yes, you can create that environment. Listen to the music you really like, guilt free. Watch what you really want on TV. You can look for inspiration everywhere… even at things you really cannot stand (because they are great for plot twists on book).

You cannot change your life completely over night, but you can start with taking baby steps in order to achieve what you would really like.