Finally, holiday!

So, tomorrow I am leaving to yet another European journey. This time, I will be mostly focused in one country I have yet to know the language and I am waiting to probably pick up random words by interacting with people. Despite I am do planning a daytrip to see a country I am always happy to see and practice the language, Hungary will be the main attraction this time.

I am also drafting some posts that you will see soon, but for a while, I will just update once a week, since I don’t know how my schedule with classes will be. You will expect a lot of posts about languages and dialects. Especially since I will be trying an app about Chilean Spanish and see how effective it is 😀 (Thanks InsideSantiago for the tip).

I hope to be back soon with experiencies, videos, and more things that call my attention. Probably a post devoted completely to Hungarian? Different language experiences? Interviews with fellow language enthusiasts? Who knows!

I will still be devouted to the IGLC 🙂


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  1. HI Cristobal!

    Finally I have found some time to check your blog! great stuff:)
    Bartosz (fellow DLC companion) 🙂

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