Hello Talk revisited

First of all, I was meant to upload a video post for today, but that will be put off for next week. So sorry about that.

Quickly after my mobile language learning apps I was contacted by the good people at Hello Talk and offered me some perks to try them out and give my opinion about it.

So,  they revamped their app (and made it fit to the new models of iOS) and I managed to try different aspects of the perks I have got from Hello Talk.

One of the first things I noticed about is the sleeker aspect of the app. It looks clean and not at all wrong or faulty. They have taken care of certain bugs affecting users and also they also have a modern, new logo. It might be a quite banal thing, but when it comes to mobile applications, looks play a big role.

IMG_0833 IMG_0839

The following aspect that called my attention was that the premium options are well worth spending money on it. I have attached the options that may you get when going Pro 🙂 (still, I would prefer an ad-supported option for those who want some of the Pro features, but do not have the money or means to pay for them -e.g. notes or certain transliteration, which can be helpful for those who learn languages with different alphabets- … I feel that specially among with young learners or people from countries in which paying with a credit card is hard).

One aspect I also forgot to mention was how you can search for you language partner. This app gives you great options in order to filtrate language partners by different aspects and get a better result when it comes to languages and native speakers or other advanced learners to practice the language better. You can even look for the ones nearby you 🙂

IMG_0836 IMG_0838

And here is a surprise… I managed to fix my profile in order to make it more accurate to my language interests.


As I mentioned on the video, I am starting to be interested on learning some Hebrew. I am not going to be fluent or anything like that. The thing is thanks to this app, many native Hebrew speakers have contacted me to help them with either Spanish or English. I have been having fun learning about Israel and the culture over there (they seem to be quite interested in South America, too!) and sometimes, when it comes to searching for explanations, I do like to use some kind of connections in order to give better explanations. Thus, learning some aspects about Hebrew grammar or the logic behind that language would really help me with them. Plus, I remembered when I was a child and I was curious about Hebrew language. In part, that is fulfilling yet another childhood dream come true, so… תודה רבה (toda raba = thank you very much) 🙂

This post was done with the good help and input from Hello Talk. Despite they did sponsor me with the perk mentioned above, my opinions are 100% sincere and honest.




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