I will let life take me (aka my 2014 resolutions)

For this year, I have decided to let life take me. I don’t know if a certain song in Portuguese I can’t stop listening to made me realize about it, but certainly, I am on my way. Sure, I have got tons of responsibilities at this moment, but that does not exclude I can still pursue some long-lasting goals: travel more, learn more.

Seguir a direção   –  I will follow the path
De uma estrela qualquer – Of any given star

Weeks ago, before New Year’s Eve, I was debating whether to take the first step towards that. Sure, one of these decisions was sure to be controversial between some acquaintances (not friends, they are used to my ramblings and my crazy ideas) due to strong prejudice out of not knowing; yet, I have decided it was about time to forget about those barriers, and give a flying eff about them.  First part of 2013 was really tough for me, and the second part was more like stabilization and consolidation for what will come next.

Vou deixar o coração bater – I will let my heart beat
Na madrugada sem fim – During dawn with no end

It will not be an easy path. I am having less spare time, but taking advantage of every moment. Not only am I making myself better at one of my skills, but at the same time, I am elucidating my future, and mixing it with my longtime dreams.

During my New Year celebration (so far, the best one I’ve ever had, mainly because I chose the people with whom I wanted to celebrate), I had the courage to make my 2014 resolutions public. Mind you, we all had some to drink, and it was the time to come clean about everyone’s goals and expectations. And that is when I took my final decision.

I have decided to learn a fifth, underrated, hard language.

Underrated because of all the prejudice I’ve heard from acquaintances… yet, I find it fascinating. Hard, but fascinating.

I started my lessons one week ago, and yes, they are not easy at all… yet, it’s all worth it.

Vou deixar a vida me levar – I will let life take me.

If you are curious about the song, its name is “Vou deixar” (I will let), and it is from the Brazilian band Skank (a 90’s classic).