Interview with Elson from Learn Albanian Online

Welcome to a new week. As promised, this week’s interview will be with Elson Farka from Learn Albanian Online. Besides his studies in Nursing, he has made great efforts to show his native culture and language to the world, by creating an interesting website and by giving Free Albanian classes on Google Hangouts every now and then (by clicking on the link, you will see his latest class on Cinema). I once took part in his classes and the learning experience was excellent.

Here are his answers 🙂

1. Can you tell me a bit about yourself? What is your main occupation?
My name is Elson Farka. I live in Albania. I was born on March 18 and I study nursing in the Medical-Technical Sciences University in Tirana, Albania. I also work online as a teacher of the Albanian language and I quite enjoy it. My hobby is teaching, traveling, learning new languages and science.

2. How did you become involved with languages? Did anyone motivate you?
On September 2012, I found out a website in which I could learn English language for free, 24/7. That time, I knew only Albanian language (native) and some English. I just wanted to practice it with native English speakers; and that website was the perfect one. I practiced English for around 7 months and my skills improved very much. I met many people and polyglots and I was inspired by them.

3. Have your family, loved ones and friends been supportive with your language interests?
Yeah, they just keep asking:”How many languages are you learning?”. They are very supportive and they enjoy seeing me learning about new cultures and languages.

4. Did you ever face a hard moment while learning languages? How did you overcome it?
The hardest moment is when you meet someone who does not speak English or Albanian but he speaks the language that you just started studying or that you know the basics words. That is quite a funny moment. Or, there are moments that I really need to know a sentence in the language I am studying and what I do is ask my friends who are native to that language. They always help me.
5. What languages are you currently interested in right now? How do you practice them? What are your lifehacks for that language?
I am a native Albanian speaker. I have studied English language for over 5 years now; I know Spanish language and I often practice it with my Spanish speaking friends (Spanish is my favorite language ever); I have studied Italian language at school and I am an intermediate student on that language; I have studied Latin language at school also (because I study nursing) and some weeks ago I started studying Turkish language. It is quite interesting. In summer I am looking forward to study German also. I think that the best way to learn a language is by native speakers and everyday practice.
6. Are you interested in a certain language that you know, more or less, you will not be able to learn it properly?
I am highly interested in improving my Spanish skills and Turkish ones also. As long as I have my Spanish/Turkish native speaking friends all I need is some time to create a Google Hangout video conference and practice it.
7. Can you tell me a short, positive anecdote about your language learning history?
Hmmm, I can tell that I learned Spanish ONLY by watching TV (Spanish TV channels) and/or by speaking with native speakers. I never studied Spanish language before and I can easily have a normal conversation with a Spanish speaker.
Thanks Elson for the great answers 🙂