Interview with Lindsay Dow

As I already wrote on the newsletter, I am starting a new section on the blog, which will be a monthly weekly interview (due to the interest I have got from different people) with other language bloggers and learners from all over the world. Some of them may be typed, others taped and so on, and so forth. Every Tuesday, I will upload a different interview with language learners and/or bloggers, so you can get to know them, their methods and passions. Thus, a new update day is added to the blog 😀

The first person who accepted to be interviewed is Lindsay Dow from Lindsay Does Languages. She focuses herself on blogging, vlogging and also manages the #iglc (Instagram Language Challenge) which is a quite success among language learners on Instagram.

Thanks Lindsay for your photo!

Thanks Lindsay for your photo!

Without further ado, here are her answers.

Can you tell me a bit about yourself? What is your main occupation?

Sure! My name is Lindsay and I’m self-employed. Lindsay Does Languages is my little company, which started out as private face-to-face tuition but has since expanded to a blog and YouTube channel as well, with primarily Skype tuition on offer now. We’re just turned three!

I also study part-time with The Open University. My degree is in Modern Language Studies and will have taken 6 years when I finish…this year!

How did you become involved with languages? Did anyone motivate you?

Hmm. Interesting question. I went to French Club at primary school because they gave you croissants at the end of term. That’s pretty much the only reason I kept going. It did mean that when I went on holiday to France I would try and talk to people at the playground or in the pool, but I didn’t really realise what I was doing until I chose Spanish at GCSE aged 14. My mum and dad paid for my French lessons, and Shakira songs were the reason I started Spanish…so I guess thanks go to my parents and Shakira for the motivation!

Have your family, loved ones and friends been supportive with your language interests?

Completely. 🙂

Did you ever face a hard moment while learning languages? How did you overcome it?

Oh my goodness, so many! All the time! But language learning has also taught me skills for life in general when it comes to overcoming these difficult moments. Something that’s often a problem is restarting a routine after losing it for holidays or something else. It’s easier to start again each time. I wrote about that this week on my blog:

What languages are you currently interested in right now? How do you practice them? What are your lifehacks for that language?

Right now I’m in my final year of my Modern Language Studies degree so I’m studying Spanish pretty heavily for that but I’m also learning Japanese at a much slower rate on the side. As well as this I’m doing the Language Script Challenge, which is a personal challenge I set myself to become familiar with 31 different scripts, alphabets, and writing systems in 2015. I primarily use Memrise for the scripts, my course materials for the Spanish, and the Instagram Language Challenge to keep my Japanese ticking over. Lifehacks? I would say incorporate your language into your daily routine and it will feel almost effortless.

Are you interested in a certain language that you know, more or less, you will not be able to learn it properly?

I feel an affinity to every language I’ve studied but I’m fascinated by 2 languages in particular: Burmese and Tok Pisin. They’re high on the ‘to learn’ list! I wouldn’t say I’d never be able to learn any language properly though. I think given the right commitment, anyone can learn any language.

Can you tell me a short positive anecdote about your language learning history?

Blogging! Writing a blog is the best decisions I ever made in terms of advancing my language learning. It gives me the motivation to say “I’m going to learn XYZ” and the much needed public commitment that means I WILL learn XYZ! If you’re stuck as to where to go next with your language learning, how to keep yourself motivated, or anything like that then I’d definitely recommend starting a blog to document your progress, keep you on track, and make new friends with the same interests. So positive.