Language goals for the end of the year

Despite I am not a fan of planning at all (especially since how crazy this year was with its many surprises), I decided to create a short list that I will try to do my best to keep since it looks possible, real and completely doable!

  1. Considering that I won’t have regular Polish lessons in this part of the year, first thing would be devoting to some self-studying in the language. That isn’t much of a problem, since I feel confident with it and I can express myself about many topics. Now, I feel like I have to work on my fluency and a lot: minding the difference between wiedzieć and znać, how to use perfective/non perfective verbs and practicing speaking. Good thing Poland is now on winter time which means it is easier for me to contact Poles at reasonable times for videochat sessions in which I can practice my speaking and even ask for feedback about words. Also, I will pick up a TV show to watch in Polish.
  2. Since I will have more spare time and after heavy research online and such, I feel it is okay to say that I want to start learning two languages, of course at different fluency rates and short term/long term targerts:
    1. First of all, as I have mentioned, I will start learning Croatian. Good thing that Grammar won’t be as demanding as I am thinking since the structures (not rules) are quite similar to Polish. I will have to work with pronounciation, certain differences from Polish and lots of new vocabulary to be acquainted with. Good thing is that I know several native speakers willing to help me and acquaint myself with the things I need. I won’t say that I will be fluent in a certain amount of time, but I just want to experience learning a language on my own, minding that the rules would be easier for me to understand since it will be my second Slavic language.
    2. Then, this might come as a surprise for many people. Weirdly enough, after my trip to Hungary, despite I didn’t pick up much of the language there, I started to remember things and associate new vocabulary xD. I also started to listen to Hungarian music which is fascinating enough to motivate me to learn the language. Seriously… music has that power to motivate me to even thinking about picking up the language. I also gathered really good material online about the language, so I can say now that: I WILL START TO LEARN HUNGARIAN. It is important to say that it won’t be easy and I won’t devote my full attention to it. Yet, I cannot stop thinking about Hungarian words or music as of now 😛

Having these three goals set, I can say I feel confident enough to tackle this part of the year… the most stressing for many people, especially for us in the South since we have to bear tacky winter-like Christmas decoration during summer :/ (not to mention, I always take my paid leave in “off-season” for Chile).

Do you have any interesting goals for this part of the year? Do you feel like taking a new challenge soon? Share it in the comments!