Lista przebojów (aka Top 20 albums)

On Facebook, my friend Paula tagged me on a small musical challenge: to list the top 20 albums that have had the most influence in me, in no particular order.

So, here they are, along with my favourite songs from them (as well with Spotify links, if available).

1. Myslovitz – Happiness is easy:

This album was probably the starting line for my long-time crush on Poland and Polish culture. It is from one of the most significant bands in Polish rock. My favourite song has to be Książę życia umiera, a song about… GEORGE BEST.

2. Gogol Bordello – Gypsy punks (Underground world strike):

It’s pure energy! Eugene Hütz has great energy and I bet he would be an awesome person to party with. My favourite song: Oh no!

3. Teoman – Renkli rüyalar oteli (Colourful dreams hotel)

One of the first Turkish artists I’ve ever listened to (Tarkan doesn’t count because… ehm… he wasn’t sold as “Turkish” here, hahahaha). He has a really deep and relaxing voice that makes you feel you are being told a story through music. My favourite song: Renkli rüyalar oteli.

4. Blur – The Great Escape

This is one of the albums that has been with me throughout all my life. I still enjoy it from the first time I listened to Country House… and when Blur came to Chile, I couldn’t believe it I was singing along to that song. However, they did not perform Charmless man. Favourite song: Country house.

5. Calogero – 2 (no album available on Chilean Spotify)

Despite I cannot remember who recommended me this album, it is by far one of the most played during high school years, plus at that time I was starting to self-teach myself French and it really helped me when I did have French classes. My favourite song: Aussi libre que moi (as free as I am).

6. Doves – Lost sides

Another band of my high school soundtrack (specially with the long 1h30 commute from home to school and the way back). Favourite song: Your shadow lay across my life.

7. Jorge Drexler – Eco (Echo)

One of those albums you discover “accidentally” on TV. There was one channel that once broadcast day ended, it played a particular album on repeat.. and this was one! Like Teoman, his songs are also soothing and calm. Favourite song: Don de fluir (Gift of flowing).

8. Charly García – Tu vicio (Your vice)

Some Argentinean irreverence must be here, as well. Favourite song: Tu vicio.

9. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication

This must be one of the albums that was listened a lot while growing up. Favourite song: Road tripping.

10. Michael Jackson – Dangerous

I think this album reminds me a lot of the changes in Chile after the dictatorship and how there was a new vibe around. Favourite song(s): Black or white and Remember the time.

11. The Whitest Boy Alive – Rules

Just because I am seeing Erlend Øye live next month… and it’s a great album to do work with. Favourite song: Courage.

12. Keane – Hopes and Fears

This album reminds me a lot of first year of Uni. Favourite song: Bend and break.

13. Sigur Rós – Ágætis byrjun (A new beginning)

Because you couldn’t be a teenager in the early 00’s without having to listen to Sigur Rós. Favourite song: Starálfur (Staring elf).

14. Brazzaville – Sonambulista

Just listen to it and enjoy it. Favourite song(s): Foreign disaster days and Lazy, flawed and hopeless.

15. Phoenix – United

Another one of those basic albums for this postmodern life. Favourite song: If I ever feel better.

16. Pulp – Different class

I reckon you can start see a trend here. Favourite song: Disco 2000.

17. Kent – Vapen & Ammunition (Weapon and ammunition)

I can see Lisbeth Sander from “The girl with the dragon tattoo” listening to this Swedish band. Favourite song: Sundance Kid.

18. Sondre Lerche – Phantom Punch

I remember working on my Uni projects with this album. Favourite song: Airport taxi reception.

19. Moby – Play

Favourite song: Porcelain.

20. Brainstorm – Online

One of the best albums for last 🙂 , but sadly with no link on Chilean Spotify or Youtube. Favourite song(s): Maybe and She’s my love.