Mobile apps: HabitRPG. Start having a better lifestyle with RPGs

So, this time I will write about a Mobile App I checked out recently. I would bet many of you like RPG games of any sort, but what would happen if YOU were an actual character of your own RPG game in real life?

That is what HabitRPG is about. You get real-life tasks or daily activities set by yourself, and of course, prizes that you can set by doing such tasks.
In order to be part of it, you have to create your own 8-bit character:


Then, it is time to set your habits (things you tend to do, not mattering if they are good or bad for you -but honestly, who would mark bad habits?… you can also mark things you want to work on doing-)


Then, it’s time for daily activities needed for your well being (aka dailies).


After that, you can set your “to do list” (which can be things you really need to work on for your wellbeing)


And, after earning gold from those activities, you can cash them on your favourite activities or even better gadgets for your RPG-persona

IMG_1817 IMG_1816


Overall, I like the attitude of this mobile app as you can have fun by making yourself feel better. Who said that making changes in your life have to be painful and boring? Sometimes, motivation and encouragement are all you need 🙂