My future with Polish: hard decisions

I have not updated in a while as I have dealing with a hard decision involving my future. As of August 2016, I will be starting my Master’s in Cultural Heritage. It will be 3 semesters long, yet it will require for me to focus mostly on my studies and sadly, I will be leaving my Polish lessons behind.

my future with

One of the reasons I decided to take Polish lessons in a class setting was that I believed what people would say about Polish. That it was a hard and impossible language to master. I do think it is hard, but I refuse to believe that it is impossible to master it. I refuse to believe that it is hard and impossible because “even native speakers make mistakes” or “I have never seen a foreign person being fluent in Polish”. Also, I do have problems with keeping myself focused and a classroom setting with a private instructor would give me the enough discipline and learning certain habits that boosted my language learning (e.g., being in contact with Polish media on a daily basis, using the language outside the classroom and more). In fact, my instructor did that and more.

Now, I have a level that allows me to run simple errands with no further issues, talk about most issues and that I can manage most tenses that exist in Polish. If I were in a lower level, it would have been a real loss to stop studying Polish, but thanks to the Internet and my acquired habits, I think I can work a learning method that would allow me to keep working, studying for my master’s *and* have a life besides studies and work. Now that is the biggest challenge: How to keep up with a language you love when you have bigger responsibilities?

What I am thinking about doing is incorporate more Polish to my daily routine: more Polish media (e.g. listening to Polish radio at work or whenever I have spare time; getting a good self-teaching material and do exercises for 45 mins during the weekends/days off from work; buying 301 Polish verbs and finally, start using virtual Flashcards. Good thing that Duolingo started recently with their new project, Tinycards (as the price for the official Anki app on my mobile OS is way out of my budget), so it’d be a good idea to try it out and see how can it works for me.

I am aware that my learning process will slow down for a while. Yet, it would be a perfect opportunity to start exploring, trying and making a better use of self-teaching methods. My core knowledge of Polish is already there and it is completely up to me to strengthen it.

Have you been in a similar situation in your language learning process?