Nie zapominać… od.1*

*Zapominać = Forget

Some photos I’ve taken the past week on a getaway to the Valparaíso-Viña del Mar conurbanation.

“Dear Tourist: Fill your thermos bottle with hot water Free at Rincón Jumbo”
Catering to Argentinean and Uruguayan tourists, now anyone can enjoy hot yerba mate.

Inside a pilot flat in Reñaca. Loved the decoration of the second bedroom, so much that I wish I could have it in my bedroom.


Terrace view of such flat. I wish there could be adequate job opportunities for my field in Viña del Mar (or that Pedro de Valdivia would have settled there instead of the valley). I love the weather there.


Small sightseeing around Valparaíso’s street. Downtown Valparaíso reminds me a lot of Kraków… the buildings, trams, small cafés (minus the pee smell :P)


Second part of the sightseeing on the road in Valpo.


Fighting for an education: these past years, Education has been a hot topic in Chilean society. The Chilean Law forbids for-profit Universities, but this law has it serious loopholes in which University owners have made their way through. Due to social pressure, there has been a crackdown on for-profit Unis, and Universidad del Mar has been one of the target institutions. It is now shut down, leaving thousands of students without finishing their studies (and many of them lack proper preparation to continue their studies elsewhere). Some students have taken over its facilities despite not having electricity or tap water.