Practice Spanish with music…



First of all, I must say this post should have been posted yesterday, but I took a well-deserved day-off from work and despite I took another day off today, I am now ready to post a proper update on the blog.

Many of my readers have asked me about good Spanish music to listen and, at the same time, practice Spanish. Despite I do not listen to music in Spanish as often as other people, I took the challenge. Also, I wanted to keep myself out of the more famous artists in other markets, which was an easy task as I do not listen to dance music in Spanish or cheesy love pop ballads.

Most of the songs are taken from the radio I listen at work, Rock&Pop, and only one band is from Mexico and another from Colombia. The rest of them are from the Southern Cone region: Uruguay, Argentina and… Chile. I tried to focus myself more in Chilean artists because I guess most of you are curious about Chilean Spanish and what kind of music is being listened AND recognized for its quality these days.

So, if you have Spotify, you may click on this link. If you don’t have Spotify or if it’s unavailable in your country, Good Guy Cris has posted the same playlist on YouTube:

Key word from one of the songs:

Bacán = Chilean slang word for “cool”. It is a word mostly young people use, but older people tolerate it well as other ones are explicit. Other countries in Latin America have a related word called “bacano/bacana” which is used in a similar way. Bacán is a genderless word in Spanish so, as the song from Gepe says “bacán tu casa” (your house is cool) or you can also say “bacán tu sitio” (your site is cool).

Since there was no post yesterday, I really want to make it up to all of you and there’ll be a follow up post to this one! And it’ll be about Polish music 😀 So stay tuned!