Public Service Announcement! Uwaga!


Yeah, I am updating on Saturday because I have got two pieces of news to share with you.

First of all, I think you all know Malachi’s Itchy Feet Comic. A classic among Language learners and enthusiasts worldwide. Right now, he is looking for Patrons in order to continue offering us great comics every week. I already chipped in some bucks, so if you have got some spare money and truly enjoy a quality language-related comic, I invite you to check his profile over at Patreon. Not to mention you also manage to get cool rewards as well.




The second announcement is an invitation from a fellow language blogger, Paul from Language Trainers, who is inviting all of us to participate on a giveaway of a free copy of the Advanced Korean course (book and CD-ROM included!). Korea is slowly becoming popular everywhere thanks to its impeccable media production and an interesting culture and history. Despite Korean isn’t among my focus languages, anyone who takes on the challenge of learning languages beyond English has all my respect.

You can participate by clicking on this link.

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