The best, free and LEGAL materials to learn Polish online

Many people have asked me for good, free and legal materials to start learning Polish on their own and online. It is probably one of the hardest languages languages to get good quality materials in Polish and legal. Yet, it is possible to get them. Despite I am learning Polish with a teacher, I cannot deny self-teaching can work for people who are commited enough and have a sense of discipline. Well, this post is made for you with materials, resources that are available online, for free and completely LEGAL! Especially considering since many of you are still waiting for Duolingo to release its course for Polish (and that I’m very wary with most courses from Memrise).

Without further ado, here is my list of good materials for starters, to work with different aspects:

  • First year Polish Course from the University of Pittsburgh: This site is probably one of the most complete I’ve ever seen. Its grammar book is probably one of the most straight-forward ones you’ll see out there, especially since Polish grammar is fundamental to understand the language and get yourself understood.
  • Learn Polish Feel Good: Do you need exercises to practice your newly acquired Polish grammar skills? This site has really good exercises you can do on your spare time and solve them easily 🙂
  • A Concise Polish Grammmar from Duke University: Again, American Universities surprise me with their good websites and materials. This is a quite user-friendly book about grammar with which you can also do exercises later, especially with verbs 🙂 .
  • Wikisłownik: Getting the right declensions are always a hard task for Polish speakers and learners a like. This site works just like Wiktionary, but in addition you can find the right declension for the word you need.
  • Pons dictionary: I have strong issues with this dictionary, yet it’s one of the most popular for learners. Yet I’ve heard really good comments about Diki.pl for English-Polish 🙂 .
  • Oneness City: This Lithuanian city is quite user-friendly and can motivate anyone to learn a language, the fun way. Sadly, it hasn’t been well updated, but I think you can get decent material from there.
  • Polish with Chris: One of my Facebook friends has uploaded simple and fun videos on Youtube explaining certain aspects of Polish grammar that may be hard to grasp for anyone.
  • Słownik polsko@polski: This Facebook page from a popular show on Polish TV, hosted by professor Jan Miodek, a renowed linguist. He can even take your doubts and questions on Skype! In this show, he analyzes the different mistakes and doubts Polish speakers make. He also shares clear examples on how mispelling or misuse of Polish is widespread even in Poland with native speakers.
  • Mówić po polsku: Another site that offers complete guidelines and exercises to practice Polish.
  • Polskie Radio: The National Polish Radio website that offers the lastest news, several radio channels and the most important, most (if not all) news have transcriptions! They can work great for listening practice and of course, getting your ears and mind acquainted to Polish sounds and Polish reality.
  • Radio ZET Chilli: This radio station is quite friendly for Polish learners as they speak slower than the average radio deejays and often speak about interesting things. The music genre is chill out 🙂 .
  • Radio Wawa: This radio only plays music in Polish by Polish artists, so you can expect Polish rock, pop, electronica, and other genres which can help you discover new artists easily.
  • Superfilm.pl: This legal site offers Polish shows and cartoons to watch anywhere, for free.
  • HelloTalk and Tandem: The two most popular mobile apps to look for language partners anywhere 🙂
  • GoSpeaky and Interpals: These websites can also help you to look for potential language partners.
  • Sadowska Languages’ Grammar printouts: I was looking desperately for this. Printouts for declensions in Polish!
  • Grzegorz Jagodziński’s Polish website: More materials to help you with your Polish journey.

As for vocabulary, you can try Memrise under your own discresion (and make sure you ask a Polish speaker to double check your course! I’ve had bad experiences with several good rated courses from there).

I really hope all of these materials can help in your Polish learning journey which is hard, but it’ll be filled with surprises and an active and positive community watching your back. Do widzenia!

Do you know other free, legal resources to learn Polish? Please, share them in the comments.



  1. My daughter and I are learning Polish together. We go to a weekly Polish class for children. I am the only parent who does not speak Polish fluently, so I am struggling to support her at home. It seems like right now we are mostly learning isolated nouns. I am fine with this approach and I feel like it is giving her a basis in the language. Do you know of any resources or have any advice free or otherwise for Polish for children. My daughter is 3.5 years old. My son is 15 months. I read to them in Polish some and they watch “Peppa Pig” and other You Tube videos in Polish.

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