VIDEO POST: Language tag questions

I decided to do yet another language video… I am well aware I commited some mistakes, but I got really excited when doing this video because I can talk for hours about these topics.

The questions are the following ones:

  1. What do you consider to be your native language?

  2. What was your first language learning experience?

  3. What languages have you studied and why did you start them?

  4. How does your personality affect how you learn languages?

  5. Do you prefer learning languages in a class or individually?

  6. What are your favorite language learning materials?

  7. How much time do you spend actively learning per day/week?

  8. What are your short term and long term language learning goals?

  9. What is your favorite language?

  10. What is the next language you want to learn?

  11. What advice can you give to new language learners?

If you want me to answer new questions or suggestions for future topics on videos, please let me know.




  1. Lo veré cuando llegue a mi casa porque no me deja verlo en la oficina. Puedo hacerlo? Quiero hacerlo?

  2. To bardzo miłe słyszeć, że ktoś lubi język polski 🙂 Tym bardziej, że nie jest to łatwy język.
    A gdzie można usłyszeć jak mówisz po polsku?

  3. Nice to meet you on YouTube Crisobal! Good to learn new things about your language learning journey and ambitions as well 🙂 Hope to see other videos soon. Maybe some vlogs with Polish updates?

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