My name is Cris and I have chronic wanderlust

It is this time of the year. Slowly, I am approaching my holidays. Something I have been waiting for so long. However, I can’t help but thinking about future places I want to see. Yeah, I haven’t even gone on my 2014 hols and I am already thinking about what to do next year. Yes, I have chronic wanderlust.

First of all, I have no idea from whom or where I feel wanderlust (or Fernweh, which is the right word in German). It could be a generational thing, as many people in my generation saw how borders (re)started to be dilluded and how with a simple card or passport you can go to several places without worrying about extra fees or permits. Despite my parents like going on holiday (even more now as they are both retired from their long-time jobs and don’t have Unis/schools to pay), I seemed to favour places many people don’t know about it. I still remember the reaction of many acquaintances (not friends, as they are used to my thoughts) when I first told them I was going to Poland (and then, when I decided to learn Polish).

Everytime I open a book, click on a website, or even watch a series or film on a certain country (that are not the typical Western European ones, that is), I feel like travelling there, but not simply “kennen” (knowing) it, but “kennen learn” (being acquainted with) it. That means not visiting the typical touristy places with a guide and such… I like visiting places and feeling “like a local”. There are so many places to see, yet little time.

Right now, what is on my mind are my upcoming Germany-Poland trip with the brother (in which I am in charge of planning what to do, see and probably even talk) and my 2015 one which is in a place to be determined, but hopefully one I don’t know much about, and naturally, Central and East 😉